Our Story and Mission

Aura and Flame Candle Company, LLC, was created in summer of 2020. Aside from being in the mist of a global pandemic, I was already experiencing a lot of transition having just graduated from undergrad and starting the police academy. With state of world at the time both medically and politically, especially with the career I was entering, I was dealing with a lot of anxiousness and self-doubt. Having always loved crafts, I turned to candle-making to take my mind off everything going on outside of the comfort of my home. I began to curate scents that reminded me of my favorite things or moments during a time when nothing was "normal".

Essential for any self care regime, our candles elevate the ambiance of personal spaces to create an escape from everyday life. Made especially for us, first responders, in mind. After a hectic day, you want nothing more than to take off your uniform, leave the stress of world at the door, light an Aura and Flame candle, and enjoy some peace of mind.