Our signature collection that captures the fragrances of you favorite moments through out a busy week, elevating the simple day to day task.

Omg I love Aura and Flame Candles !!! I currently own five and they smell so good. It’s the presentation and different scents of the candles for me. If you haven’t purchased a candle i highly recommend you do!


I love the candles so much, I buy in bulk ! The scent lingers so much, it keeps the whole room smelling so good!


Makes my room smell so good as soon as you light it , literally my fav candle !


The fragrance hangs around even after you’ve blown the candle out, but it is not overwhelming.


My candle smelled AMAZING! Can’t wait to shop the new collection soon!


I love my candle! It smells so fresh. Will be purchasing again.


Each scent is unique and packaging is remarkable.